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Heirloom apples grow here

On Scott Farm in Dummerston, more than 100 ‘almost-lost’ varieties are grown with tender care

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It all comes from a shared love of apples and hard cider

Cookbook brings everything full circle for couple behind Carr’s Ciderhouse in Hadley


Where to find apple cider doughnuts …

Signs that fall has arrived in New England: Leaves of gold, red and orange. Crisp, cool nights. Apple harvests and overflowing pumpkin patches. And with it comes a bounty of autumn-flavored goodness: Apple cider, apple and pumpkin pies, and the indulgence in apple cider doughnuts. We all have our favorite apple cider doughnuts, since no… Continue reading Where to find apple cider doughnuts …

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In the shadow of Mount Monadnock

By Bob Audette I don’t recall when I first summited Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, N.H., but it has loomed over my life since my folks uprooted me and my two brothers from suburban Connecticut to the rural, rough-and-tumble village of Troy, N.H., in 1968. In my first dozen years or so in the Granite State,… Continue reading In the shadow of Mount Monadnock