From the Editor

From the Editor

The mud sucked at our boots as we hiked up the road to the Armstrong Farm sugarhouse in Pownal, Vt. I had parked my car on firmer ground, doubting it could successfully wade through the mire. Instead, I struck out on foot, with my then-4-year-old daughter in tow, in pursuit of getting the scoop on… Continue reading From the Editor

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How Grammy winner Benjamin Arrindell came to call Southern Vermont ‘home’

“[Mixing is] my most favorite portion of this process,” Arrindell said. “Especially when I get left alone, or if you leave me alone, or send me materials to work with. I love when I’m left to my own and I can do whatever I want."


UpCountry sugarhouses share favorite maple recipes

MAPLE BAKED BEANS Recipe courtesy of Harlow’s Sugar House INGREDIENTS 2 pounds yellow eye or soldier beans, dried½ pound salt pork or bacon½ cup sugar2 teaspoons dry mustard½ teaspoon pepper¾ cup maple syrup, Grade A: Dark Color/Robust Taste or Grade A; Very Dark/Strong Taste DIRECTIONS Place the beans in a bowl and cover with cold… Continue reading UpCountry sugarhouses share favorite maple recipes