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Solid Sound Festival brings more than music to North Adams

A look at Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival over the years

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In the shadow of Mount Monadnock

By Bob Audette I don’t recall when I first summited Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, N.H., but it has loomed over my life since my folks uprooted me and my two brothers from suburban Connecticut to the rural, rough-and-tumble village of Troy, N.H., in 1968. In my first dozen years or so in the Granite State,… Continue reading In the shadow of Mount Monadnock

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On mud, le petit caporal, and tin

"Out on the roads, for two or three wretched weeks in early spring, you meet your match, you come to accept that that mud beats metal, just as scissors beat paper, or paper beats rock. Get prepared, they say in Belarus or Berkshire County, get used to it, and endure."