From the Editor

From the Editor

A butterfly rests on a flower at Hayward Garden, in Putney, Vt. Photo by Kristopher Radder

Is it mud season yet?

I’m asking for a friend who has terrible cabin fever but can’t bring herself to ask if it’s spring yet. If the thought hadn’t already crossed your mind, I’ll admit. It’s me. I’m the one with cabin fever.
With that said, I’m hoping you’ll excuse me as I head out the door. I’ve been inside for the winter (and almost all of 2020) and am looking forward to seeing some of the art that’s arriving and shows opening at our museums.

I’m also ready to get outside and start working on my garden. Need some guidance when it comes to garden planning? Or recipes for the vegetables you’ll be growing? Then you’ll be happy to read our Q&A with Manchester’s Ellen Ecker Ogden, whose latest book is one-part garden guide, one-part cookbook.

For those of you who are not only tired of being in the house but are also tired of looking at the same old decor (me again!), we have plenty of tips from local interior designers, flooring specialists and color experts to help you start planning your next home project.

And for those of you who love to learn new things about the area you live in (me again!), you’re sure to enjoy our story about some nationally and internationally known products that you didn’t realize are made right here in Bennington.

Stay safe!

Jennifer Huberdeau, Editor

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