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20-20 Hindsight

Estey Organ Museum closes temporarily, but the history keeps playing

Brattleboro Reformer File Photo

Among organs, the name Estey is a significant one. The instrument manufacturer fashioned thousands of reed, pump and electronic organs from the late 1800s until the company’s closure in 1960. Estey organs traveled from the company’s Brattleboro factory across the globe, and can still be found on six continents today. At this “hands-on” museum, you can explore the heyday of this legendary business by examining (and playing!) memorabilia and instruments. 

Due to the advent of COVID-19, the Estey Organ Museum has closed its doors until further notice. The music of Estey organs, however, lives on at the Bennington Museum, where the exhibit “(re)Sounding,” on view through the fall. The show features vintage instruments — including a 1940 Estey organ — that come to life with new musical compositions. 

Estey Organ Museum

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