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20-20 Hindsight

Brattleboro Music Center enkindles community through virtual programming 

Brattleboro Reformer File Photo

At Brattleboro Music Center, “participation is the key.” The center not only hosts world-class performances, but also boasts a robust music education program for people of all ages to express themselves musically. Hundreds of students keep the beat in its year-round music school, summer camps and ensembles. The center also hosts multiple festivals a year, including its Northern Roots Festival in January, and its Chamber Music Series in the summer.

While the live performances that normally constitute the Chamber Music Series are canceled, the center is engaging audiences virtually. A collaboration with the Detroit Chamber Music Society is bringing top performers to the screens of fans nationwide, and students enrolled in its Celtic music class banded together to offer a virtual performance available on the center’s website.

Brattleboro Music Center

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