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20-20 Hindsight

BIFF reschedules festival, offers socially-distant cinema

Photo provided by BIFF

In its 15 seasons, the Berkshire International Film Festival has grown into a star-studded event of future Oscar nominees. The festival screens over 80 movies during the four-day festival and invites industry professionals from across the world to its Filmmakers Summit.

In 2019, BIFF hosted director Martin Scorcese for a celebration of his work. Scorcese spoke with New York Film Festival Director and filmmaker Kent Jones before a screening of his movie, “Silence. In addition, the Macedonian documentary “Honeyland” took the BIFF award for Juried Documentary amid recognition at the Sundance Film Festival and the Academy Awards.

The festival itself has been rescheduled for next June. However, BIFF has teamed up with one of its venues, the Triplex Cinema in Great Barrington, to stream a selection of films online. BIFF is also teaming up with Shakespeare & Co. to create drive-in movie showings this summer. 

The Berkshire International Film Festival
Great Barrington

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