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20-20 Hindsight

TurnPark Art Space suspends season, encourages hiking for visitors

Berkshire Eagle File Photo

A team of Russian artists repurposed 16-acres of old marble quarry to build this art exhibition venue, which opened in 2017. Inspiration for the sculpture park, according to founders Igor Gomberg and Katya Brezgunova, comes from visits to the Moscow studio of their friend, renowned Russian sculptor Nikolai Silis. In a letter on their website, the founders say his studio was always “bursting with creative energy.” They hoped to create a similar feeling at this park in the Berkshires.

Installations at TurnPark often involve the nature that surrounds them. Pictures and descriptions of past events are available online. The sculpture park also hosts community events, from stargazing and pumpkin-carving to lectures and dance performances.

The galleries at TurnPark will be closed for the summer and planned exhibitions have been postponed or canceled. However, the grounds, which host a permanent collection in addition to rotating exhibitions of work, are still open for hiking. Plans for a limited number of smaller-scale and social- distancing-adaptable activities, including guided tours and community “art-at-a-distance” showcases.may be held. 

TurnPark Art Space
West Stockbridge

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